Kenneth Hite (princeofcairo) wrote,
Kenneth Hite

Vega$ $mattering

* Okay, okay -- everyone can stand down now. I've finally gotten an evening to myself to write a new "Out of the Box" column. Big pickup notice -- Don't Rest Your Head makes the CoC Sanity death spiral look like a handful of baby aspirin. Every decision you make changes the character -- this is Second Generation Indie Gaming, as you can tell that drivingblind has fully internalized the post-Ron, post-Vincent indie design aesthetic in a way that old fogies like myself haven't.

* And won't, because for all its power it's not a complete aesthetic.

* But that said, while I'm away from my keyboard I'm doing the in-skull design work on a Sorcerer-inspired game myself, tentatively titled Casey Jones Is Dead. Don't tell, because it's a secret, and because I promised philreed that I'd work on my supers PDF first.

* Apropos of nothing, then, I'm in Las Vegas for entirely different sort of work, which is all the fun it normally is; Christian and I watched (among other things) that contemporary faerie abduction story Hostel on the Giant TV. Good pacing, a compelling high concept, and a delightfully self-subverting politics.

* And then off to GenCon SoCal, where I can probably be located hanging around the Hero Games booth in my amiable layabout fashion and drinking one or two of the margaritas available from the on-floor refreshment cart. Or I'll drop in on panels. Or play Twilight Struggle.

* A cursor-tip to ratmmjess for bringing the rising of R'lyeh to my notice. Pictures here, for any future Professor Angell who seeks to piece together the wave of nightmares sure to envelop artists and theosophists everywhere.

* And finally, I think we as Americans all owe Britney Spears a vote of thanks for acting so selflessly to heal a divided nation.
Tags: conventions, film talk, games, horror, lovecraft
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