Kenneth Hite (princeofcairo) wrote,
Kenneth Hite

Live From The Book-Drenched Floor

Did you know that AOL has a browser now? Did you know they had a booth at BookExpo dedicated to showing it off?

Now you do. I'm eating very well in DC; righteousfist got "lost" on the way to Quizno's for lunch and we wound up at a Greek-Levantine place called Zaytinya, where I had a braised lamb in pureed eggplant-and-cheese that was of the Pelasgian chthonic gods. Deep, powerful, and unknown to puny surface dwellers.

And on Thursday night, I was vouchsafed a taste of the bacon that God saves for special occasions, at Evening Star.

Tonight, party set up by chadu, where hopefully I will get to sit down and drink rather a lot.

Oh, and I just got mollpeartree her third or fourth knitting-related book at the autographing line.
Tags: conventions, food

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