Kenneth Hite (princeofcairo) wrote,
Kenneth Hite

[Eliptony Core Sample] Introduction

Remember back when we all had so much fun with my "33 interests in 100 words" posts? Remember? Well, I'm doing something like that again.

I have, in my office, five beautiful yard-wide, seven-foot tall, finished pine seven-shelf bookcases from 57th Street Bookcases (now, of course, located in Evanston, nowhere near 57th Street). These are the Eliptony Shelves.

(In my office I also have: a long, low Ready Reference Shelf which contains not only a few of the standard works but a set of Man, Myth, and Magic and approximately ninety-leven GURPS books; a cheap polyboard bookshelf for Oversized Eliptony Books; likewise for the Lovecraftiana; the Bigass Review Pile and Even Bigger-Ass Game Closet; and a plastic utility shelf unit that holds, among other things, back issues of Fortean Times, a picture of Captain Kirk, and an attractive resin model of a cigarette-smoking alien in a cage. These shelves have no further bearing on this discussion.)

Every day for the next 35 days, unless I have something more interesting or compelling to discuss, such as a completed review of ratmmjess' Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana, or unless I just don't bother getting to the keyboard (which might well be the case around New Years' and will definitely be the case when I'm in LA for Conquest LA), I shall take a Core Sample from one yard of the Eliptony Shelves, in alphabetical order. To wit, I shall post about 100 words (I'm not going to go crazy or anything here) on the best (or, more likely, my favorite) book in that one-yard shelf. When I'm done, maybe we'll have a vote for finalists, or something, or maybe we'll just all be so grateful to get to Zolar that we'll drop the whole thing and never speak of it again.

Why am I doing this? Why not? It's better than filling out stupid meme quizzes, anyhow.

The Eliptony Core Sample starts now.
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