Kenneth Hite (princeofcairo) wrote,
Kenneth Hite

A Veritable Miscellany

* On stopping into Borders, I noticed that Walter McDougall, whose work I have enjoyed since The Heavens and the Earth: A Political History of the Space Age has the first volume (Freedom Just Around The Corner: A New American History 1585-1828) of his new history of the United States out in paperback. I may pick it up when the grim hand of Austerity lifts a trifle.

* Speaking of books I mayhap intend to get and then get around to, what with Popes and suchlike I have renewed my curiosity about Robert Fogel's The Fourth Great Awakening. Has anyone read it? I admire Fogel's work, but this seems a skoosh outside his remit.

* My new Out of the Box column is up, expressing some portion of my glee with the new Werewolf. I was also glad, as I read further, that I liked Blue Rose as much as I eventually did; John and Steve are friends, and when I got the book I was crushingly disappointed that they had punted the "romance" aspect of the game so hard. But the rest of it sold me again.

* On Saturday, Kung Fu Hustle realigned my chi, removing the taint that Matrix Revolutions had left there. It needed more dancing, though -- afterward, I regaled voxel, kaynorr, and gnosticpi with my vision of a Bollywood-Hong Kong martial arts musical, perhaps directed by Baz Luhrman. Unmoved were they.

* We've played Fantasy Flight's War of the Ring twice now; once more, and I'll post a postmortem review sort of thing here. This is why I don't review board games in Out of the Box -- you have to play them twice or three times to get a real sense of their worth, unless they're garbage.

* And finally, happy ANZAC Day to all you badass Antipodeans out there.
Tags: film talk, games, history, shout-out
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