Kenneth Hite (princeofcairo) wrote,
Kenneth Hite

GenCon Is 50 And I Don't Feel So Young Myself

Once more it's time (and past time) to post up my schedule for GenCon for the delight of any GRU agents who want to find me in the throngéd streets of Nap City.

As always, I don't know if any of the panels will be streamed, podcasted, or delivered to you by a woodpecker in a series of rapid Morse skull-thumps.

By and large, during the show I shall be staked like unto a veritable wampyr at either the Pelgrane booth or the White Wolf booth, so look those places at other times than these:

Wednesday, August 16
9pm? to whenever: Diana Jones Awards Ceremony and Whizbang (usual location)

Thursday, August 17
8pm to whenever: They Might Be Giants concert (Bankers Life Fieldhouse)

Friday, August 18
10am - 11am: Better Playtesting: Doing Good by Playing Bad(ly) (Crowne Plaza: Conrail Stn)
I shall likely have to bolt out of this one early in time to get to the Westin, but I urge everyone to stay and hear my co-panelists Hanna Shafer and Jeff Stormer bring it home under the baton of moderator Darcy Ross.

11am - Noon: Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition (Westin: Capitol III)

1pm - 2pm: Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff Live! (Crowne Plaza: Pennsylvania Station B)

6:30pm - whenever: ENnie Awards cocktail party and (8:00) ENnie Awards (Union Station: Grand Hall)

Saturday, August 19
2pm - 3pm: Meet the New White Wolf (Westin: Capitol II)*

4pm - 5pm: Investigative Roleplaying Master Class (Crowne Plaza: Pennsylvania Station B)

7pm - 8:30pm: Delta Green: the Roleplaying Game (Crowne Plaza: Grand Central D)

Sunday, August 20
2pm - 3pm: Retrospective Tour of the GenCon 50 Museum with Ken Hite (Lucas Oil Field: Horticultural Hall)

*Yes this means I shall miss the Swords, Spies, and Shoggoths panel aka "What's New With Pelgrane Press" scheduled for the same timeslot in Crowne Plaza Pennsylvania Station B.
Tags: conventions, games, gencon
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