Kenneth Hite (princeofcairo) wrote,
Kenneth Hite

The Most Dangerous Gamicon

As you can perhaps deduce from the misleading header above, I shall be a Guest of Honor at Gamicon Fe this weekend in scenic Cedar Rapids, Iowa alongside famed designer Nathan Paoletta and minis painter Steven Groom.

And even before you have recovered from that breath-taking news, here's my Gamicon schedule as I know it:


8pm - 10pm: Worldbuilding and Setting Design
The setting - be it a whole galaxy or a single palace - helps define your game. Setting constrains plot and defines character; it's what the designer or the GM brings to the table before anyone else sits down. How do you build a setting that's robust and interesting? Do you alter history or design a whole new world?
Event Location: Elm


10am - 12 noon: Getting into the Industry/Business of Gaming
Presentation and Q&A with Ken Hite & Nathan Paoletta on getting into the RPG business
Event Location: Elm

2pm - 4pm: Podcasting 101
Podcasting is a lot of work, & a lot of fun. Kenneth Hite and Nathan Paoletta will help you minimize the former & maximize the latter, in everything from picking a topic to audio editing. Put your beautiful voice out there!
Event Location: Elm

8pm - 10pm: Game Mastering Master Class
The Game Master's craft is a tricky one. What are the tips and tricks you find most useful when it comes to making your games come alive? And how do you handle... That guy? The answer may surprise you!
Event Location: Elm


9am - 11am: Cthulhu in Gaming (What's the Attraction?)
There are now several board and role-playing games featuring HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. What is essential to getting the mythos right? What are some common pitfalls when attempting to emulate Lovecraft's eldritch horror?
Event Location: Elm

You can pre-register for the convention and pre-sign up for these and all the other events here, but I suspect the kindness and openness of Iowegians means there will be plenty of welcome left for walk-ups and last-minute deciders. So come on out to Cedar Rapids this weekend and get your Gamicon on!
Tags: conventions, games
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