Kenneth Hite (princeofcairo) wrote,
Kenneth Hite

Listen to Them the Children of the 'Cast What Sweet Gaming They Make

Normally when I ask for the precious gift of your vote in the ENnie Awards I provide you with a lovely linky gift in return as an amuse-bouche. Well, as it so happens I can provide you with the inestimable gift of hearing me talk, in the form of two sessions of an adventure in The Dracula Dossier that I ran something like 21 months apart with (mostly) the same player group, as captured and presented on Chicago's own wonderful One Shot Podcast.

Here's me explaining the rules for Night's Black Agents in about ten or fifteen minutes to the assembled group:

Night's Black Agents Rules Expo

Here is Session One, run in September 2014 or thereabouts for James D'Amato, Zach Webber, Grant "General Ironicus" Greene, and Nathan D. Paoletta:

Session One Part One: Welcome to Belgrade

Session One Part Two: Never Get On the Boat

Session One Part Three: And Quiet Flows the Danube

Session One Part Four: Fear Death By Water

And here is Session Two of the same adventure, run in June 2016 for James D'Amato, Grant "General Ironicus" Greene, and Nathan D. Paoletta with Darcy Ross swapped in for Zach, who couldn't make it and so neither did his grievously wounded character:

Session Two Part One: New Friends For Old

Session Two Part Two: Art in the Blood or Vice Versa

Session Two Part Three: White City, Black Castle, Red Death

I think there's something in here for new and old fans alike of the Dracula Dossier universe, and for fans of me, and for fans of any or all of the excellent players in their own personae.

Listen to the shows for the players' own pluggery; as for me, do please consider voting for The Dracula Dossier and other Ken-related goodness in the ENnie Awards while you listen.
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