April 16th, 2011


Gothenburg Calling

It occurs to me that I may have once more unfairly neglected those of you who brave the Russian ghosts and emo unicorn poetry and remain loyal to LiveJournal even in the face of flashier social networking sites with David Fincher movies made about them or ADHD-friendly posting requirements.

So for you good people, I should note that I'm flying out of here on Monday to land in Gothenburg, Sweden on Thursday for GothCon XXXV. Where will I be on Tuesday and Wednesday? London, of course, my second-favorite city in the world. I have no idea what sort of computer access I'll have in pars partibus Europiae, but comments on this post (or, surely, on my Facebook page or aimed at @kennethhite on Twitter, not to twist the alter-social-media knife too much) will get my attention if I have any.

My GothCon schedule, as I know it, is:

Friday: 01:00pm-02:00pm (13:00-14:00) - Seminar about me and my job as a game designer.

Saturday: 01:00pm-02:00pm (13:00-14:00) - Seminar about Trail of Cthulhu and other games I have designed.

Saturday: 10:00pm-03:00am (22:00-03:00) - My services as a GM will be sold at the auction, and I shall run my scenario (current title, "The Gothenburg Horror," most probably a Purist scenario since it's a convention game) with the winners. The money will go to the Swedish foundation for children with cancer (Barncancerfonden).

Before wheels-up on Monday, I have at least two more things to write, plus (ahem) the aforementioned scenario. So don't look for a lot of posts from me, even on those slinky social networks with the good hair and the cool skinny jeans.