February 9th, 2011



Where does the time go? Apparently, to Facebook and Twitter (@kennethhite). Here, then, languish the long-form posts, the posts that come solely from a place of love and character length limits.

Which is to say, I'll be at Dundracon in semi-sunny San Ramon, California this President's Day weekend. Specifically, I'll be at the following panels:


Stump The Gamemaster

Saturday, 1:00 PM
Presenter(s): Doc Cross, Bruce Harlick, Mike Blum, Ken Hite, Steve Long, Ken St. Andre

The audience tosses out ideas and the panel has mere seconds to turn them into something gameable. Could be a name, a short phrase or anything else. No long rambling descriptions, but a short sentence will be ok. 2 or 3 words might be better. Feel free to get very creative, because the GMs on the panel sure will.

City Building

Saturday 3:00 PM
Presenter(s): Anders Swenson, Mike Blum, Ken Hite

City Building celebrates the basis of FRPG, the cities which adventurers use for support, and which occasionally provide the venue for the adventures themselves. Each DunDraCon we present the information GMs need to design and detail their campaign cities, with formal presentations and extensive Q&A. This year's edition of DunDraCon's favorite city-building seminar steampunks the city of Rome. The seminar will focus on creating an alternate-history 19th Century steampunk version of Rome. City Building is presented by veteran urbanophiles Ken Hite, Michael Blum and Anders Swenson

What's New in Indie RPGs

Saturday 6:00 PM
Presenter(s): Darren Watts, Ken Hite, others

The head honchos of Indie Press Revolution, representing 90 different small RPG Publishers answer your questions and spread the news.


What's Cool

Sunday 11:00 AM
Presenter(s): Darren Watts, Ken Hite

Long Time Game Presences Darren Watts and Kenneth Hite check out what's new in games and provide commentary on what is cool, and what is not.