August 6th, 2008


He Who Votes Last Votes Loudest

* Which is a spectacularly inane way of saying it's the last day for ENnie Awards voting! I know you good people have all voted, but what about your buddy at the next desk over, or your pal at the coffee shop, or your mom? What are you saying, your mom isn't good enough to vote for Trail of Cthulhu for Best Writing and Best Rules, or for Hobby Games: The 100 Best for "Best Regalia"? Man, that's cold. The woman gave you life, after all ... the least you could do is let her vote for me.

* But not just filial piety is available online! You can also get the Full Kenneth Hite Audio experience through the magic of clicking on things like the episode of The Game's The Thing podcast featuring not just an interview with my humble self, but a review by the estimable podcasters of Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game by Jason Hill.

* And in my tradition of offering Awesome Maps as sweet lagniappes to such disgusting exercises in self-promotion, I offer this 1882 map of Transylvania. Perfect for the vampire-hunting Victorian tourist! Or, for the vampire-hunting Elizabethan tourist, this 1566 map of Transylvania. Remember ... we all have a stake in this.