January 16th, 2007


Our Revels Now Have Ended

Tonight, kaynorr, gnosticpi, luckymarty, ladys0phistic8 and myself finished up the Shakespearean Dramaturgy Game. Much fun was had by all, and more will be revealed in the next "Suppressed Transmission" After-Action Report, but I worked too bloody hard on this not to brag here -- I wrote a lost Shakespeare play. Complete with the reason it was suppressed, which appears in the last scene.

Okay, I didn't write it, per se, but I plotted it. Behind the cut, then, I give you, ladies and gentles, all that remains of Master William Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Won, the lost sequel to Love's Labour's Lost.1

Collapse )

[1] And but me no buts about Love's Labour's Won "actually" being All's Well That End's Well or Taming of the Shrew. That's just desperate flop-sweat on the brow of people trying to justify doctoral theses, all of it based on a tossed-off guess by Edmund Malone 250 years ago. No, Love's Labour's Won is well and truly lost, just like Cardenio.