February 8th, 2005


California Dreaming, Redux

I'm eight days away from California in February. Even though it's northern California, it's still going to be better than the Days of Greige due hereabouts thenabouts.

Specifically, I'll be at DunDraCon in somewhat scenic San Ramon, California, more specifically still on the following panels:


Rm 156; Noon
Steve Long, Kenneth Hite, Frisbee

In Defense of Orcs - Can there be such a thing as an "evil" race? Is genocidal behavior in a game justified? How can a GM make an opposition race be more than cannon fodder and straw men for the burning? Should an entire race be dismissed as "evil and expendable?"

Rm 156; 1:00 PM
Steve Long, Sean Patrick Fannon, Kenneth Hite, Michael Blum, Ross Winn
World Building - Creating a world for PCs to interact with and perhaps even change with their actions. This year's version concentrates on the people of such a world, and how to make places memorable.

Rm 156; 2:30 PM
Anders Swenson, Michael Blum, Kenneth Hite
City-Building - The Human Factor - Just who is in charge and who does what in the usual ancient/ medieval city/ town. Where are the actual centers of power? Is there really such a thing as a Thieves' Guild?

Rm 156; 4:00 PM
Sean Fannon, Randy Angle, Kenneth Hite
GM Tips - Making it Real - A survey of ideas to help the Game Master make all aspects of his game come alive to the players. Creating memorable NPCs, absorbing conflicts, and fascinating storylines.


Room 156; 9:00 AM
Sean Patrick Fannon, Kenneth Hite, Ross Winn
What's Cool - Review of many of the new games on the shelves and what the discerning gamer might look for in interesting entertainments.

Rm 156; 1:00 PM
Steve Long, Sean Fannon, Ross Winn, Steve Kenson, Kenneth Hite
Staying Alive in the Gaming Industry - Some leading students in the University of Freelance Knocks, and a couple of graduates, provide helpful advice on how to make a living as an actual game creator.

If you or anyone you know is in the Bay Area, or plans to be, on President's Day Weekend, and craves that Kenneth Hite Feeling, it's apparently going to be available in carload lots. Come by and share!