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Kenneth Hite's Journal
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Wednesday, February 4th, 2004

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The DaVinci Load
The invaluable bruceb buried this link in his comments section, so I'm bumping it up with a genuflection to him.

The link leads to Sandra Miesel's thoroughgoing dismantling of Dan Brown's awful, awful book, The DaVinci Code, the single worst novel I have ever actually finished. Technically, it's not a thoroughgoing dismantling, since she glosses over the godawful, creaking, leaden, thumb-sucking dialogue, characters, and plot to concentrate on smashing Brown's so-called research to shards. But she smashes 'em good, and then comes back to smash any biggish shards some more.

N.B.: As a Presbyterian who has made his own fair share of retrograde jabs at Catholicism, Brown's sophomoric bigotry rolled off my back like water off a duck. Contra Miesel, I believe the book would be just as awful even without Brown's laborious pissing upon Catholicism, because I have faith that Brown would have found something else to have all of his alleged characters reflect smarmily and turgidly about, but as it was I could at least read the Pope-bothering passages in the novel with anesthetized disinterest as opposed to howling contempt.

Anyhow, thanks to Sandra M., I don't have to write one, now.

A dismantling of The DaVinci Code, that is, not an awful, awful novel.

Which raises a perhaps interesting thought:

Every so often, one reads that Joe Famous Writer got started when he read some tedious crap and said to himself, "Hell, I could write a better novel than that." And he's usually right, and good for Joe F-W.

The DaVinci Code, on the other hand, inspired in me the nuclear version of that sentiment, viz: "If that horrible thing sold eighty zillion copies, I really shouldn't write a better book than that, for the sake of my own fragile sanity." I know that it's taking counsel of my fears to think thus, but fortunately I have many other perfectly good excuses for sticking with game writing for the time being, primary among them mortgage payments.

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