Kenneth Hite (princeofcairo) wrote,
Kenneth Hite

Library of Dreams, Vol. LIX

This morning, I had a frustration-of-awakening dream in which I was unable to remember where I'd put my copy of What the Curate Saw, or even its title. Fortunately my Google effort in the dream returned me the title (and in the second result, the Wordsworth poem the title line came from, in my dream) so I could remember it upon actually waking. This, as you may know from experience, is very rare in what I call "research dreams." So I figured I'd add a card to Morpheus' Library, thus:

What the Curate Saw (no relation to the 1906 humorous film short of the same title) is an adventure-mystery written (I suspect) in the immediate postwar era. Its female protagonist, Vivian, seeks to solve the mystery of the pinholes in a cracker (in my dream-recollection, it was more like matzoh bread); when deciphered, the pinholes gave an obscure phrase or two and some locations in Zurich. There was a small boy involved, and an older boy that Vivian was in the process of falling in love with during the novel. I hadn't read (or so I remembered in the dream) far enough to find out how Vivian and company (and I suppose the titular curate) get from the English countryside to Zurich, or even if they ever do.

Oh, I suspect that what the curate saw was Vivian's blossoming romance, not anything to do with Zurich-focused spies.
Tags: dream journal
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