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Dragon My Con Around

This seemed like a much better idea before I thought about it, and better yet before I started to live it, but my third convention in three weeks is upon me! Yes, it's DragonCon (no asterisk! Ask for it by newly unpunctuated name!) and I'll be guesting in the Gaming and Horror tracks. I'm looking forward to seeing the show, which I haven't attended since we came out to Hotlanta in the '90s to drink with the Wolfies and sell Star Trek RPG books but mostly drink with the Wolfies.

But now there is no Star Trek RPG and barely any Wolfies, so I shall have to see what else my people get up to (and in what getup they get up to it) on Labor Day weekend in Atlanta. And with the schedule finally finalized, and me back in Chicago for a day or three, I can now realize my lifelong (well, monthlong) dream of posting my DragonCon schedule.


Game Design 101
Time: Fri 02:30 pm Location: Grand Ballroom West - Hilton
Description: Designers from the table top and digital worlds talk about creating and testing games, from inception to final product. (Keith Baker, Kenneth Hite, Eloy Lasanta)

Villain School
Time: Fri 05:30 pm Location: Grand Salon C - Hilton
Description: Leading designers and artists explain how they create the characters everyone loves to hate. (Larry Elmore, Kenneth Hite, C.A. Suleiman)

Cthulhu in Gaming
Time: Fri 07:00 pm Location: Grand Salon C - Hilton
Description: The author of the popular Trail of Cthulhu game and countless horror supplements hosts an exploration of this special horror genre. (Kenneth Hite)


The Masters of Horror (in Gaming)
Time: Sat 05:30 pm Location: Crystal Ballroom - Hilton
Description: Take a walk with some of the greatest writers in horror gaming out there. (Clint Black, Bill Bridges, Kenneth Hite, C.A. Suleiman)

21st Century Cthulhu
Time: Sat 07:00 pm Location: Roswell 1-2 - Westin
Description: Conjuring cosmic horror for modern audiences. (Kenneth Hite, Jonathan Maberry, Cherie Priest, James R. Tuck)


Ack! TPK!
Time: Sun 01:00 pm Location: Grand Salon C - Hilton
Description: Is your campaign going down in flames? Let us fix it, "Car Talk" style, with the Sage and Kenneth Hite. (Kenneth Hite, Skip Williams)

Nazi Cults and Other Weirdness
Time: Sun 02:30 pm Location: Grand Salon C - Hilton
Description: Some of the industry's top authors discuss all things freaky, bizarre, and strange in gaming. (Kenneth Hite, C.A. Suleiman)

Cthulhu Mythos 101
Time: Sun 05:30 pm Location: Roswell 1-2 - Westin
Description: An introduction to H.P. Lovecraft's world of horror. (Michelle Belanger, Kenneth Hite, Stephen H. Segal)
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