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Welcome back to the Kenneth Hite Convention Schedule Pegboard And Former Blog.

Today, our topic is my schedule at the tri-state area's premier game convention, DEXCON 16, held as always in the swank confines of the Morristown, New Jersey Hyatt. I love all these things: DEXCON is a great, intense gaming show; Morristown, New Jersey is almost the platonic ideal of nice American town with the added benefit of Raul's Empanadas; and the Hyatt is indeed swank. I'm once more lucky enough to be an RPG guest, and I have two big events happening, one just a skoosh bigger than the other.

Friday, July 5

The State of the Gaming Industry: 2013. Join DEXCON's special role playing guest, game designer Kenneth Hite, and other experienced gaming industry mavens as they talk about how things look in 2013, new trends in gaming, and how social media, Kickstarter and the Internet in general are affecting small publishers. This event will be a roundtable discussion. Friday, 2:00PM - 4:00PM; One Session; Serious, All Ages.

This should be pretty fun; I expect to see Darren Watts there, and who knows? Maybe GUEST OF HONOR STEVE JACKSON HIS OWN SELF might stop by. Or maybe not. Only one way to find out!

Saturday, July 6

"The 2013 World Night's Black Agents Championship" presented by Kenneth Hite & John Adamus. Bring a team, or show up solo. Up to 32 players will take part in an intense, intriguing two-part adventure in Kenneth Hite's incredible world of Secret Agents and Vampires! ... This unique event will be run in two rounds by the game's designer, Kenneth Hite, assisted by John Adamus. Players can come for either, or both sessions. The first round is a LIVE ACTION session in which players portray agents, vampires, and the holders of the clues to a terrifying conspiracy. Surviving agents follow those clues to an explosive final tabletop round. Up to five winners (determined by survival and excellence) will receive FREE 2014 COMBO MEMBERSHIPS (METATOPIA 2013, DREAMATION 2014 and DEXCON 17). Saturday, 10:00AM - 6:00PM; One Session; All Materials Provided. Beginners Welcome; Fun, All Ages.

I should also note that acclaimed LARP designer and facilitator Shoshana Kessock will also be helping out, which is a good thing, because my entire LARP experience is Model UN and one afternoon in an Illinois forest preserve. Fortunately John and Shoshana are well up to the challenge.

Although the description isn't clear about it, you can sign up either for the LARP round or the tabletop round alone, as well as signing up for both. And if you can't, I'll have a sheet up so you totally can. Or rather, John Adamus will.
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