Kenneth Hite (princeofcairo) wrote,
Kenneth Hite

The Gryphons of Calyferne

This is the second of my next-game proposals for my game group here in Chicago. Again, it's posted here because this seems in retrospect like an obvious place to have posted such things long ago. Do let me know if I'm wrong.

For this game, I also strongly considered running it in GURPS, now that GURPS Dungeon Fantasy is out, but it occurred to me that a) I really, really like Ars Magica, and b) I haven't run it in a long, long while. The obvious question: "Why not run it in D&D 4E?" The answers boil down to "Because I didn't enjoy running my D&D 3E game enough to try that again sooner than a game I did really enjoy running." This is no doubt unfair to everyone involved, although kaynorr will be running a spot of D&D 4E this summer to slake everyone's battlemat-crazed thirst.


Cadamosto returned to Portugal in 1456 with staggering news: He had discovered the island of Antilia, far to the west across the Atlantic Ocean. Better yet, he had heard of other islands, rich in spices, gold, and cities -- Hy-Brasil, Cibola, Estotiland, Norumbega -- and greatest of all, the legendary Calyferne, ruled by Amazons and guarded by gryphons! A chain of Indies stretches to the Kingdom of Prester John himself, and to the lands of the Great Cham of Asia, and you have a copy of Cadamosto's map and a ship that will take you west to find them. You are adventurers of the Order of the Golden Fleece; some learned in the wizardly arts, some practiced sailors or sell-swords, all willing to explore these new isles for Prince Henry the Navigator, and for treasures magical and mundane.

Do not be fooled by the cunning historical persiflage above! By old-school fantasy request, this game will feature: beautiful princesses, villainous pirates, aloof elves, clouds of black powder smoke, fearsome dragons, swarthy dwarves, enigmatic glowing gems, leering mandarin-viziers, heaps of gold, alabaster cities, hyena-headed gnolls, subterranean passages, sword-fighting, missing idols, magic rings, cruel giants, and the Mighty Kraken. Plus griffins and California, just like the title says.

System: Ars Magica 5th edition, with whatever tweaks Craig's extensive playtesting in his other campaign have proven necessary, without Houses or the Order.
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