Kenneth Hite (princeofcairo) wrote,
Kenneth Hite

The Honest And the Wise

I don't know why I've not posted these before, as this blog would seem to be the natural place for them.

As I believe I've mentioned, our group's method for coming up with games is for them all to suggest the sorts of things they'd like to see, and for me to boil everything down into four or five possible campaigns. Then they vote on which one sounds best, and off we go. So this is the first of the four possibilities that my players are currently deciding among. I'll post the rest over the next week or so, just for everyone's entertainment.

I should note that I also considered Tri-Stat for the system, but I have a lot more stuff already optimized for GURPS, and I'm more experienced (and hence more comfortable) with that. The five-attribute mod is gnosticpi's idea; if anyone knows of a successful set of rules for such a thing, ideally on the web somewhere, feel free to provide a pointer in comments. Whether I wind up running this specific campaign or not, I can probably use a mod like that in the future.


"I pray Heaven to bestow the best of Blessings on this House and all that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise Men ever rule under this roof."
-- John Adams, toast given on November 2, 1800 in the White House

You work for the Office of Weights and Measures. The real one, the original one, the one that Thomas Jefferson set up on George Washington's instructions back in 1790. The Weights you monitor, and the Places you measure, are the real Materia America. The Masons forged them and mapped them when they laid the Mantle on Washington in 1789, but now something has happened. The Rite isn't working like it used to. Maybe it isn't working at all, if you're honest. And if you're honest, you must be wise, wise as serpents. Because you have to discover why it's broken, and who broke it, and when. Because you have to know who you can trust with the secrets you find out, the secrets that only your very secret service protects. And you have to know how to find out the secrets that your superiors aren't telling you, and to weigh what to do when you find the true measures of the men in the Oval Office.

This game aims for patriotic conspiracy of a rollicking sort; think "National Treasure meets The Invisibles." While some degree of political hugger-mugger is unavoidable in a game like this, the Jersey Devil takes no position on health care policy, and the Lemures care nothing about Iraq.

System: GURPS 4th edition, modded to split IQ into two attributes, the intellectual and the social. If there's magic (and what a giveaway that is), it will be Spirit Magic, or whatever they're calling it now in GURPS Thaumatology.
Tags: games
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