Kenneth Hite (princeofcairo) wrote,
Kenneth Hite

Seven Battles, No Waiting

A first stab at the largest battle on each of the seven continents:

AFRICA: Second Battle of El Alamein (1942) (195,000 Allies; 116,000 Axis)
ANTARCTICA: South Georgia (1982) (250 British; 130 Argentine)
ASIA: Third Battle of Nanking (1864) (500,000 Qing; 300,000 Taiping)
EUROPE: Berlin (1945) (1,500,000 Soviet; ~125,000 German -- city fighting only)
NORTH AMERICA: Tenochtitlan (1521) (~145,000 Spanish and Tlaxcala; ~300,000 Tenochca) Chancellorsville (1863) (61,000 Confederate; 134,000 Union)
OCEANIA: Bougainville (1943-1944) (96,000 U.S.; 60,000 Japanese -- first phase only)
SOUTH AMERICA: Chimborazo (1531) (80,000 Atahualpans; ~200,000 Huascarans?)

I'm not entirely confident in my choice for Asia, but a lot of things depend on how you define "battle." I've tried to keep it down to geographically confined actions, anyhow.
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