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My Metatopia (Seminar) Schedule

Much of my Metatopia will be taken up playing games, playtesting games, discussing games with their designers, and discussing other people's games with other designers, but there is also (also!!) a vast and sumptuous bounty of seminars and panels this weekend, some of which I adorn:

Friday Nov 1

"The Best Ideas To Steal From Other Games" presented by Kenneth Hite, Tim Rodriguez, John Adamus & Caias Ward. "Talent borrows, genius steals." No one designs in a vacuum. The panelists discuss how to ethically and profitably take what works from other games to use in your own. Friday, 12:00PM - 1:00PM; Serious, All Ages.

"Role Playing Scenario Design" presented by Kenneth Hite, Darren Watts, Rob Donoghue, John Stavropoulos & Bill White. Our panel of experts drills down into the specifics of scenario-building for publication, whether it's showing off the game's basics with an introductory scenario, or stringing several together for a mini-campaign book. Friday, 1:00PM - 2:00PM; Serious, All Ages.

"Designing Games for Spontaneity" presented by Kenneth Hite & Will Hindmarch. Guests of Honor and lifelong GMs Kenneth Hite and Will Hindmarch discuss game design as game prep, designing on the fly during games, and seeding games with decision points both before publication and as the dice are rolling. Friday, 6:00PM - 7:00PM; Fun, All Ages.

I'm not quite sure what makes this panel more Fun, except maybe Will's presence on it. We'll all find out, I guess.

Saturday Nov 2

"Dangerous Mechanics: Rules That Looked Good On The Surface" presented by Kenneth Hite, Will Hindmarch, Rob Donoghue & Jason Pitre. The panelists will deal with mechanics that look good on the surface but can have unforeseen negative consequences in play. Spending XP, no-effect rules, dice-generated currency - all have hidden dangers. Explore these and other light bulbs that didn't quite work out. Saturday, 9:00PM - 10:00PM; Serious, All Ages.

Sunday Nov 3

"Role Playing Development From A To Z" presented by Kenneth Hite, Darren Watts, Dave Chalker & Amanda Valentine. The designer of an RPG makes the basic mechanics and structure. Then, the development comes in. Sometimes this is the same person, another person, or a whole team of people. Development then makes sure the RPG has everything it needs to be played, and also playtests the heck out of it to identify any flaws that need to be patched. Come learn what it's like being an RPG developer on games both big and small, how every RPG can benefit from a strong development cycle, and what to look for in game development. Sunday, 1:00PM - 2:00PM; Serious, All Ages.

I hope the Portuguese barbecue place is open early enough on Sunday that I can eat before this panel, because I think I'm flying back to Chicago pretty soon after it.
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