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Because Your CIFF Your CIFF Is On My List

This seems to be the year of African film noir, at least to hear the film fest catalog tell it. It's also the year of fairy tale overtones and of that CIFF hardy perennial, European child endangerment.

This year, the imps of the perverse and the tools of the Demiurge have wrought wroth upon my boon companion his_regard, grossly restricting our normally untrammeled reign of cinematic wonder. In short, he can't go see any matinees. If you feel capable of dodging impish tools and toolish imps, matinees I'd like to see in good company (I'm one of those people who hates going to movies alone) are marked with asterisks.(*) If I get someone to come along, I'll take the asterisk off here. Obviously, his_regard and I would happily welcome company at any of these evening films, too.

All films are at the AMC River East 21, at 322 E. Illinois, downtown.

(*) To reiterate. I'm looking for people who want to see the asterisked films with me. Leave a comment if you're those people.

Tuesday, 10/15

5:00 Under the Rainbow (Agnes Jaoui, France) Modernized fairy tale (complete with lost shoes, wolves, evil stepmothers) of Laura, who must choose between two Prince Charmings. [ETA: Asterisk removed prematurely. Illness and theater-brain among my possible companions meant I did not get to see this film by someone described, presumably with a straight face, by the Hollywood Reporter as "a Gallic Woody Allen." Weirdly, I kind of want to see it more now.]

8:00 Wolfschildren (Rick Ostermann, Germany) Kids looking for safe haven in Lithuania cross the bleak landscape of 1945 Eastern Europe, dodging the Red Army. More fairy tale elements here, in a darker register, I'll wager.

Wednesday, 10/16

5:30 Contracted (Eric England, USA) Body-horror film follows a lesbian who sleeps with a guy and contracts what she thinks -- at first -- is an STD.

8:30 My Sweet Pepper Land (Hiner Saleem, Iraq/France/Germany) This Kurdish Western stars a gunslinger and a schoolmarm trying to restore civilization to the war-and-Saddam-ravaged frontier.

Thursday, 10/17

6:10 Of Good Report (Jamil X.T. Qubeka, South Africa) Missing schoolgirl, obsessed teacher, female detective -- psychological noir thriller given robin_d_laws semi-coveted "Good" rating! Saith Robin: "Histrionic crime film in scabrous B&W feels like its young director is smashing the prevailing aesthetic of African cinema in the face with a hammer bequeathed to him by Sam Fuller."

The instant that film is over, his_regard and I shall hop in a cab headed for the Sinister Prohibition fundraiser gala for my horror-havin' pals at WildClaw Theatre. Booze, food (from Gibson's!), music, and wild performances that will set your soul afire with madness. Or so I hear.

Friday, 10/18

*1:00 Black South-Easter (Carey McKenzie, South Africa) Another South African noir, this one a police story, begins with a body washing up on shore and ends in betrayal.

5:45 The Notebook (János Szász, Hungary) Yet another in our "child endangerment in WWII with weird fairytale overtones" series, this one features kids hiding out in war-torn Hungary with their cruel grandmother. I suspect this does not end well.

8:15 A Pact (Denis Dercourt, Germany/France) Strange psychological thriller about a childhood pact gone even wronger than the words "childhood pact" imply.

Saturday, 10/19

11:15 am The Major (Yury Bykov, Russia) Cop kills someone in an accident, covers it up, everything goes awry, cop goes on the lam. Every fest one Russian film turns out pretty good -- maybe this is the one!

1:30 The Don Juans (Jiri Menzel, Czech Republic) A Czech version of Waiting for Guffman, about a small-town opera company mounting (heh) Mozart's Don Giovanni.

4:00 Divorce, Italian Style (Pietro Germi, Italy) The 1961 Marcello Mastroianni crime satire, on the big screen. [ETA: Screen time moved by Festival gremlins to conflict with The Don Juans. I can see Divorce, Italian Style via Netflix or possibly by wandering through the Criterion section at Reckless. Not on the big screen, of course, but que sera sera.]

8:30 H4 (Paul Quinn, USA) A version of Henry IV Part I and II set in modern-day Los Angeles, with an all-African-American cast. If people come see this with me, I may try to see if last-minute cancellations or no-shows let us see Dracula 3D, below.


Sunday, 10/20

3:45 Banklady (Christian Alvart, Germany) Based on the true story of Gisela Werler, Germany's first female bank robber.

Tuesday, 10/22

*3:30 The Invisible Collection (Bernard Attal, Brazil) Thriller follows a wastrel looking for the fate of valuable prints sold to a mysterious plantation by his family years ago.

6:30 Northwest (Michael Noer, Denmark) Danish gangster movie! Hood caught between two gangs, showdown, blondness.

8:45 Soul (Chung Mong-Hong, Taiwan) Erratic, violent behavior in his son leads an orchid grower to suspect ghostly possession. A robin_d_laws "Recommended" film! "Visually stunning, occasionally funny or violent, cryptic Zen koan of a film."
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