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GenCon Danger vs. Sleepdep Kaiju!

Once more we return to our new comfort zone, posting my convention schedule. But this is not for any ordinary convention. Oh, no. This is for the best Four to Six Days in Gaming, GenCon 2013, held as always in centrally located Nap City, America. Where I will get no sleep.

Not least because I am once more an Industry Insider Guest of Honor, and thus have quite the seminarial dance card to fill.

When I'm not there, look for me at the Pelgrane booth, where we'll have an ungodly number of new books to pique your interest, hopefully including Double Tap, the Night's Black Agents expansion book.


Wednesday, Aug 14

Diana Jones Award Party (Everyone)

Thursday, Aug 15

Putting More History In Your Story (Keith Baker, Jessica Banks, Kenneth Hite, Lewis Pulsipher)
Both RPGs and fiction draw heavily on historical cultures and narratives, even for a new setting. Our Industry Insider Guests of Honor will talk about how to use primary sources to enrich your play. (Room 211)

Friday, Aug 16

Playing with Other People's Toys: Licensed Games(Mitch Gitelman, Kenneth Hite, Seth Johnson)
Making a game based on your favorite movie or comic book can be a process with both pleasures and pitfalls. Designers of games based on TV, novels, toys, and even other games tell their tales. (Room 211)
Edited: This is a change from the schedule, to accommodate a conflict. Matt Forbeck is taking my spot on the 3pm Friday Licensed Games panel.)

Investigative RPGs and the GUMSHOE System (Kenneth Hite, Robin D Laws, Simon Rogers)
A panel on the GUMSHOE system, unravelling the mysteries of investigative gaming, tackling issues of railroading and demystifying the clue-driven RPG. (Crowne Plaza, Pennsylvania A)

ENnie Awards Ceremony (Also Everyone)
Did you remember to vote for me? Gosh, I hope you remembered to vote for me. Voting closes July 31, is all, and I'd hate for you to ruin your August by regretting not voting for me. I'm a caring guy that way. (Union Station Grand Hall)

Saturday, Aug 17

Cooperative Worldbuilding (Keith Baker, Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, Kenneth Hite, Darren Watts)
How do we create an world from scratch? This panel looks behind the scenes with the creative forces and process behind worlduilding. (Room 210)

Unleash Your Killer DM in 60 Minutes (Wolfgang Baur, Kenneth Hite, Matt James)
Tough-love GMing advice for fans of fantasy and other RPGs: how and why to be a bastard and make PCs suffer. Why this works to motivate better play, and when to shower players with rewards and riches. (Room 210)

Note: This seminar is cross-scheduled against the "Introducing 13th Age" seminar at which I was going to be decorative at best.

Delta Green: The Roleplaying Game (Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, Kenneth Hite, Shane Ivey, Greg Stolze)
The legendary modern-day Call of Cthulhu setting DELTA GREEN is getting its own RPG. Come ask the designers about the new game and their approach to Cthulhu Mythos gaming. (Westin, Chamber)

Sunday, Aug 18

Fear of the Unknown -- Suspense in RPGs (Keith Baker, Kenneth Hite, Jared Sorensen)
Unlike most horror protagonists, roleplayers KNOW that they are in a horror story and are often well versed in the lore of the setting. As a designer or GM, how can you bring suspense to the table? (Room 210)
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