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NAZI OCCULT Bibliography

On the off chance that people might find it interesting or useful, here's the complete bibliography of sources I consulted while writing The Nazi Occult, available now wherever fine Osprey Books are sold or directly in ebook form from Osprey. Asterisks mark sensible (if not uncontroversial) history texts; one can generally sort the occult special pleading out of Cook, Flowers, Godwin, Howe, Znamenski, and (surprise!) Levenda, should you care to.

Akins, Steven L. The Lebor Feasa Runda. Bloomington, IN: iUniverse, 2008.

*Anderson, Ken. Hitler and the Occult. Amherst, NY: Prometheus, 1995.

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Buechner, Howard A. Emerald Cup – Ark of Gold: The Quest of SS Lt. Otto Rahn of the Third Reich. Metairie, LA: Thunderbird Press, 1991.

Buechner, Howard A., and Wilhelm Bernhart. Adolf Hitler and the Secrets of the Holy Lance. Metairie, LA: Thunderbird Press, 1989.

*Caballero Jurado, Carlos. The German Freikorps 1918-1923 (Elite 76). Oxford: Osprey, 2001.

Carr, Joseph J. The Twisted Cross: The Occultic Religion of Hitler and the New Age Nazism of the Third Reich. Shreveport, LA: Huntington House, 1985.

Cook, Nick. The Hunt for Zero Point: Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology. London: Random House, 2001.

Farrell, Joseph P. The Philosopher’s Stone: Alchemy and the Secret Research for Exotic Matter. Port Townsend, WA: Feral House, 2009.

Farrell, Joseph P. Reich of the Black Sun: Nazi Secret Weapons & the Cold War Allied Legend. Kempton, IL: Adventures Unlimited Press, 2004.

Farrell, Joseph P. The SS Brotherhood of the Bell: The Nazis’ Incredible Secret Technology. Kempton, IL: Adventures Unlimited Press, 2006.

Flowers, Stephen E. Fire and Ice: Magical Teachings of Germany’s Greatest Secret Occult Order. Minneapolis, IL: Llewellyn, 1994.

*Forczyk, Robert. Rescuing Mussolini (Raid 9). Oxford: Osprey, 2010.

Friedrich, Christof. Germany’s Antarctic Claim: Secret Polar Expeditions. Toronto: Samisdat Publishers Ltd., 1979. [Warning: Author is a Holocaust denier.]

Godwin, Joscelyn. Arktos: The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism, and Nazi Survival. Grand Rapids, MI: Phanes Press, 1993.

*Goodrick-Clarke, Nicholas. Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism, and the Politics of Identity. New York: NYU Press, 2002.

*Goodrick-Clarke, Nicholas. Hitler’s Priestess: Savitri Devi, the Hindu-Aryan Myth, and Neo-Nazism. New York: NYU Press, 1998.

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*Grimsted, Patricia Kennedy. “Sudeten Crossroads for Europe’s Displaced Books: The ‘Mysterious Twilight’ of the RSHA Amt VII Library and the Fate of a Million Victims of War.” In Restitution of Confiscated Works: Wish or Reality? Documentation, Identification and Restitution of Cultural Property of the Victims of World War II, edited by Mečislav Borák, 123-80. Prague: Tilia Publishers, 2008.

*Hakl, Hans Thomas. Unknown Sources: National Socialism and the Occult. Translated by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke. Edmonds, WA: Holmes Publishing Group, 2000.

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Henry, William. One Foot in Atlantis: The Secret Occult History of World War II and its Impact on New Age Politics. Anchorage: Earthpulse, 1998.

Hite, Kenneth, et al. GURPS WWII: Weird War II. Austin, TX: Steve Jackson Games, 2003.

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Kirkpatrick, Sidney D. Hitler’s Holy Relics. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2010. [Annoyingly, written as a novel. But the history is solid.]

*Lachman, Gary. Politics and the Occult: The Left, the Right, and the Radically Unseen. Wheaton, IL: Quest Books, 2008.

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*Szczepanski, Seweryn. “Archaeology in the Service of the Nazis: Himmler's Propaganda and the Excavations at the Hillfort Site in Stary Dzierzgon (Alt Christburg).” Lietuvos Archeologija 35:83-94 (2009).

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Znamenski, Andrei. Red Shambhala: Magic, Prophecy, and Geopolitics in the Heart of Asia. Wheaton, IL: Quest Books, 2011.
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