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All My Favorite Places/Way to Go Ohio

Ha ha! Suffer under my stinging detournement, Chrissie Hynde!

Oh, hello there! I didn't hear you come in. Because I've been freaking out about how suddenly Origins has crept upon me like a creeping thing with a bunch of excellent bars in it.

So anyhow, I figured I should look up my Origins schedule now that the events calendar is posted, and then I should tell you good folks about it, in case you wanted to find me at one of my panels and use that coincidental meeting as some sort of social leverage to buy me a drink at one of the aforementioned excellent bars.

Hey, it could happen.

Friday, July 14

10:00 am: More History in Your Story: Moderator Jessica Banks (Atlas Games) and a panel of guests discuss how to turn primary historical sources into gripping events and vivid background in your next adventure. (C214)

1:00 pm: Superheroes and Alternate Histories: This is just me talking about superheroes and alternate histories. Expect to hear a pithier version of my chapter from Wild Talents and then I'll throw it open for what-ifs and how-dos. (C213)

5:00 pm: Genre Emulation in Game Design: I did this seminar either last Origins or the one before, so I may try to rope in a ringer and make it a panel or at least a dialogue. As always, questions from the audience eagerly sought. (C213)

And that's it. The descriptions in the event grid say it costs $2 to listen to me, which I suppose means "a generic ticket," so keep that in mind.

I'll also be at the Origins Awards at 7:00 pm on Saturday, though only in an onlooking/rooting capacity unless they ask me to present again, which they sometimes do when they're short of people who actually brought neckties to a game convention and have decided yet again to give the whole dress-code notion up as a lost cause. Although this year, Kevin Sorbo is hosting, which may mean they don't need my help. Hercules never fought bad game supplement structure, though, so it could happen. "Look out, Hercules! Its uneven rules presentation could turn your ankle!"
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