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Call me! Specifically, call me a six-time 2011 ENnie Award nominee. Or, if you want to be ridiculous, call me an eleven-time 2011 ENnie Award nominee, but five of those nominations, while for products with my name in them, are for aspects of those products to which my contributions were, not to put too fine a point on it, minimal. "Best Rules" and "Best Production Design" for Dresden Files RPG, or "Best Adventure" for Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity, for example.

That said, although my contribution to the maps in Bookhounds of London was to suggest there should be some, and to draw three lines on one of the maps that shows up in the book, I would really appreciate your vote for Bookhounds of London for "Best Cartography," because the cartography was a huge, back-breaking job that I looked on while Beth Lewis did. (Turning period maps into readable, usable, game-friendly maps is not just a matter of hitting "option-C".) The result: the best maps for a real-life city in all of RPG history. Plus one map with three rather nifty lines on it.

Bookhounds of London received an Honorable Mention for "Best Setting." I accept this award on behalf of Christopher Wren and Arthur Machen.

So what of the four awards I legitimately deserve part of? I can only place before you my urgent, heart-felt appeal that you, your co-workers, your parents, your children, your dozy strangers near you with unlocked smart phones -- that all of you take a few seconds and vote for me in the 2011 ENnie Awards in the following categories:

Best Game (Dresden Files RPG)
Best New Game (Dresden Files RPG)
Game of the Year (Dresden Files RPG)
Best RPG Related Product (The Bones: Us and Our Dice)

In the best Chicago tradition, you can even vote for me twice! Two books I co-wrote are Best Writing nominees: Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity and Dresden Files RPG. Which is bester? Hard to say. I wrote a lot more words in DGToO but I wrote many of them many, many years ago. All the words I wrote in DFRPG I wrote ... two-and-a-half years ago. Now perhaps you see why there is no award for "Best Production Process." Anyhow, they're all pretty darn good words.

Because it is our ward-heeling tradition around here, let me leave you with links to something for which I receive neither reward nor acclaim: Here are three "Best Supplements" in the rough.

The Book-Hunter in London: Historical and Other Studies of Collectors and Collecting (1895) by William Roberts (Project Gutenberg)

Spartans in Darkness: American SIGINT and the Indochina War 1945-1975 by Robert J. Hanyok (NSA publication now declassified)

German Clandestine Activities in South America in World War II by David P. Mowry (NSA publication now declassified)
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