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Kenneth Hite

Hour Two of Me Talking!

My second hour of talking American history on WBEW is up now. I come in a little after 65:00, and we get from 1787 to 1812.

Errata and Clarifications:

Andrew Jackson was the seventh President, not the eighth.

As a clarification, Washington was inaugurated in April of 1789 (which means I'm correct when I say Inauguration Day was initially set in April), but the date was moved to March 4 for his second term, and remained in March thereafter until 1933.

William Eaton, who led the march into Tripolitania, was not technically the consul in Alexandria, but what we would today call a "naval attache."

The Louisiana Purchase cost $15 million, not $20 million; 3 cents an acre, not 8. And $15 million in 1803 would, per Wikipedia, be worth $213 million now, not the $2 billion I speculated on air. We put $3 million down in gold, and the rest was, as I said, on credit. (Credit extended to us to enrich Napoleon, hilariously, by Baring's Bank in London.) And, of course, the Purchase predated Jefferson's embargo by four years, which I didn't get wrong, but I did perhaps confuse matters on the topic by covering the Purchase out of order.

Other than that -- and my foolishness in almost forgetting the Louisiana Purchase in the first place -- it's all pretty solid. And in my defense, I do these shows without notes; without even a copy of The Complete Idiot's Guide to U.S. History, Graphic Illustrated. You, at least, can avoid such a fate.

I'm scheduled to do two more appearances, this Friday and next Friday, same bat-time (5 p.m. Central), same bat-channel (WBEW-FM or, should you care to lay a gentleman's bet on my chances of getting to the Civil War before the leaves fall.
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