Kenneth Hite (princeofcairo) wrote,
Kenneth Hite

Putting the "Art" Into "Antarctic"

* Have I mentioned my next children's book here? I think I may have -- it's The Antarctic Express, a mashup of At the Mountains of Madness and The Polar Express. Well, you can see a lot of the art for the book, in various stages of completion, at the blog of the book's artist, Christina Rodriguez. I have been extraordinarily fortunate with the artists on these books, I gotta say.

* Speaking of art, I've got Mike Perry sketches from Day After Ragnarok to show off, too.

* Also, the energetic Aron Head at the blog Ideology of Madness (where, "If we geek about it, we speak about it") has not only posted an interview with me, but is hosting a contest to win a copy of The Day After Ragnarok in PDF and print. There's some Nathan Furman art from that book there, too, if you're unsated. The giant is particularly neat, methinks.

* And I don't think I've mentioned the map in these pixels yet, have I? The final version has a few tweaks and modifications in it (Yes, I know "Okhotsk" is spelled wrong...) but this should give you a nigh-finished taste. Plus, I do so like linking to maps at the end of a bunch of asterisky plugs.
Tags: antarctic express, day after ragnarok, games, gratuitous plug, lovecraft
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