Kenneth Hite (princeofcairo) wrote,
Kenneth Hite

Meanwhile, Back In America

* I've been hired by gmskarka as line developer of Adamant Entertainment's upcoming line of licensed Call of Cthulhu products. First up: This Scepter'd Isle: Call of Cthulhu in Elizabethan England and Shadows of the Red Hand, a gangland Chicago setting book. So that should be fun.

* I've been nominated for two Origins Awards: for Trail of Cthulhu (Best Roleplaying Game) and Tour de Lovecraft: The Tales (Best Non-Fiction). Given the high caliber works on display in both categories, this is one occasion where it actually is just an honor to be nominated.

* Topically drifting back to La Belle Cité, tomorrow gbsteve and I go in search of Nicolas Flamel's house. And I, most likely, gawp like a tourist the whole way there. I shall have to dine alone that night, as the worthy Dempsey will be deserting me in the afternoon to go to a creative writing class in London. The Rue d'Auseil will have one last chance to draw me into le void cosmique.
Tags: games, travel
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